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Re: TMBatMTI Official Topic [Poll Results]

Postby Sewpah » Mon Aug 01, 2016 1:41 pm

After 2 weeks (originally it was for 1 week, but I extended it for an extra week), the poll ended with a tie, 1 vote for each character (Peach and Daisy). But, even though the poll ended, the tie can be broken. (The magic of strawpoll, am I right?).

In other news, a new logo will be revealed for this project soon. I'm not going to tell how the new logo is going to look like because it'll take away the "suspense" (I mean, who's going to get hyped for a new logo? It's the least hype thing for a project) of the reveal.

Well, I'm one week away from going back to school (Time flies like a jet), so the progress will be much slower since I'm going to senior year of high school. I will leave you with a PGE screenshot of a new section for the almost finished 2-3, and I'll come back to this project for weekends only.
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