TI2 Counterparts of TI3 Levels

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TI2 Counterparts of TI3 Levels

Postby Valtteri » Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:28 pm

Here's a list of all The Invasion 3 levels and the IDs of the TI2 levels that they are based on. This should make it simple to find and view the predecessor of your level in the editor. No need to skim through the Invasion 2 directory or the world map anymore!

1 Goomba Grasslands
1-1 Super Easy Road level1.lvl
1-2 Grassy Grass Grasslands level3.lvl
1-3 Misplaced Pipehammer Maze level4.lvl
1-4 Floating Brick Niche level5.lvl
1-5 Evening Athletics
1-6 Very Old Ruins
1-7 Dungeon of Pain dungeon1.lvl
1-B A Hidden Getaway bonus1.lvl

2 Subcon
2-1 Subcon Nightmare Land level6.lvl
2-2 Long Way Up, Short Way Down
2-3 Megaton Vase Hole level7.lvl
2-4 Tracks
2-5 Field of Shotgun Vases level9.lvl
2-6 Brick Hole Massacre level10.lvl
2-7 Token Water Level level11.lvl
2-8 Super Pipe Action Town level12.lvl
2-9 Dungeon of Agony dungeon2.lvl
2-B Secret Squirrel Area bonus2.lvl

3 Dino Island
3-1 Super Nolstalgia World level13.lvl
3-2 Jumpy Hoppy Turtle Zone level14.lvl
3-3 Pwnhammer Ecodome level15.lvl
3-4 Switch Action Zone level16.lvl
3-5 Panic Zone level17.lvl
3-6 Painful Playland level18.lvl
3-7 Dungeon of Strange Happenings dungeon3.lvl
3-B The Treasure House bonus3.lvl

4 Hammer Plains
4-1 Flying Raccoon Zone level19.lvl
4-2 Go Go Goomba! level20.lvl
4-3 The Great Fish Fiasco level21.lvl
4-4 Retroville level22.lvl
4-5 Dungeon of Inappropriate Phrases dungeon4.lvl
4-6 A Short Level level24.lvl
4-7 To Planet Pwnhammer! level25.lvl
4-8 The Suck level26.lvl
4-9 The Invasion level27.lvl
4-B Another Bonus Area bonus4.lvl

5 Koopahari Desert
5-1 The Hot Boot level28.lvl
5-2 Desert Maze level29.lvl
5-3 Pyramid of Fail level30.lvl
5-4 Pyramid Action Machine level31.lvl
5-5 Sandy Ghosty Hammer Town level32.lvl
5-6 Seaside Ruins
5-7 Cliffs of Insanity
5-8 The Invasion 2 level33.lvl

6 Lakitu Forest
6-1 The Rawest Forest level34.lvl
6-2 The Lost Woods level35.lvl
6-4 Underground Battle Arena level36.lvl
6-3 DO NOT ENTER level37.lvl
6-5 Lakitu War Zone level38.lvl
6-6 Toxic Tunnels
6-7 Shell Heaven level39.lvl
6-8 Dungeon of Roots
6-9 The Invasion 3 level40.lvl

7 Blooper Islands
7-1 The Water is Not a Lie level41.lvl
7-2 Oldschool Plumbers level42.lvl
7-3 Random Water Level level43.lvl
7-4 Dire Dire Rocks level44.lvl
7-5 Bubbles in the Sky level45.lvl
7-6 Lake of Laughter
7-7 Dungeon of Wet Things
7-8 The Invasion 4 level46.lvl

8 Parachute Plateau
8-5 Muncher Mountain
8-6 Cursed Mountainside
8-7 Dungeon of Piranha's Pipe
8-8 Invasion 5

9 Wasteland
9-1 The Front Line
9-2 The Crater
9-3 Sunstream Cavern
9-6 Walugi's Return
9-7 Dungeon Of Wrong Turns
9-8 Invasion 6

10 Lava Lake
10-1 Easymode Tanks level47.lvl
10-2 Hardmode Tanks level48.lvl
10-3 Ramparts
10-4 The King of the Koopas level49.lvl

S Shortcut Zone A (Freezy Freezeland)
S-1 White Savage Zone level2.lvl
S-2 Frigid Awesome Land level8.lvl
S-3 The Mole Hole level23.lvl
S-4 Pushy Penguins

S Shortcut Zone B (Warp Lands)
S-5 Jungle Groove
S-6 The Lost Temple
S-7 Starlight Zone

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