Reshiram52's Tiny World Tour (My first SMBX2 episode)

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Reshiram52's Tiny World Tour (My first SMBX2 episode)

Postby Reshiram52 » Wed Jun 05, 2024 11:51 pm

Before I talk about the episode, I want to share a little bit of my history with SMBX for context.

I initially started playing around with SMBX all the way back in 2010. I made a couple of levels, but never completed an episode myself (although that was my goal at the time), neither did I post any of what I had made online. After a while, I lost interest and didn't go back to it. I had no idea that there was even a SMBX2, nor that it allowed custom code with Lua.

I didn't know any of that until very recently, when user KurttheKing re-introduced me to it. He introduced me to the formums, helped me with the many, many questions I had (it'd been 14 years!) and brought me to this version of the game that I wish had existed back then, or that at least I had known about. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be sharing this episode with you today.

Over the past month, I made this small project with the previous knowledge I had from SMBX1 and some of the new stuff you can do in the newer version. I tried learning a bit of everythig: parallax backgrounds, animated backgrounds, parallax AND animated backgrounds, custom code with Luna Lua and custom sound effects, while also making heavier use of layers, events and custom graphics. This is the end result of all that, and I thought that it was something worth sharing with others.

Reshiram52's Tiny World Tour

This is a short episode with 3 levels. It is intended for 1 player only. Power-ups aren't intended to be carried over to other levels, so they are removed from the player automatically after entering any level.


Spoiler: show


Level list

Spoiler: show
Cherry Blossom Forest
  • Japanese-themed level with sakura trees, giant Torii gates and a backdrop of Mount Fuji
  • It has a daytime and a sunset section
  • Level designed with the use of the Tanooki Suit in mind
  • 5 hidden star coins to collect
Desert Circus
  • An abandoned circus in the middle of a desert
  • Featuring the Hammer Suit
  • It has a few "break the targets" sections where you'll also have to avoid getting hit
  • 5 hidden star coins to collect
Glitch City
  • A night city inspired by the videogame VA-11 Hall-A, featuring music from the game
  • Linear level blended with (optional) open world exploration
  • Explore the level to find power ups that will help you progress the difficult streets of this futuristic cyberpunk city with neon signs and buildings you can enter
  • Animated parallax background that syncs with the music
  • 5 hidden star coins to collect
  • Hidden easter egg for fans of the original game


I borrowed many custom graphics from various GFX packs, although I did make some custom textures myself and recolored some of them as well. The background from level 3 was made using an already existed background, but it was deconstructed into layers and animated by me. A list with the full credits can be found within the folder of the episode. You can borrow any of the backgrounds or custom graphics I made, just make sure to add the proper credit where it's due.

Lastly I just want to say that I'm impressed with SMBX2 and all the stuff you can do. Making this was a blast, and I hope you guys have fun with it as well. And finally, I wanna give a big shoutout to KurttheKing; without him, this wouldn't have been possible.

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Re: Reshiram52's Tiny World Tour (My first SMBX2 episode)

Postby jaf » Wed Jun 12, 2024 7:05 pm

This thread seems to have fallen a bit under the radar. I just played through the episode, it was really great!

The level design itself was pretty nice. I like how each level focused on a different powerup, it made them all feel distinct. But I feel like this episode is one you primarily play for the vibes, if that makes sense. Graphically it looks great, music choices are also great. I love the little artsy touches you added, like the windows blinking with the music, the wind blowing in the desert, adding parallax layers to graphics that previously had none, etc... You didn't have to do any of that but it adds a lot. I noticed you took graphics from tons of different sources and mushed them together, but I love how it looks! The best part of the game is obviously Glitch City, an absolutely gorgeous level that was a joy to explore.

I don't have too much criticism. I guess it's kind of weird that the targets in the desert still have the Koopa shell death animation, considering how polished everything else is. Well whatever, that's a pretty inconsequential nitpick.

The episode is more on the easy side, but I didn't really mind. It's short and comfy and I had a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing!

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