How can I make multiple "anotherpowersups.lua" scripts compatible?

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How can I make multiple "anotherpowersups.lua" scripts compatible?

Postby Shodax » Sun Oct 16, 2022 1:06 pm

In my excessive ambition to create a smb with a lot of variety of powerups, npcs, levels, worlds etc. use the script "anotherpowerup.lua" and its different scripts from different authors. I had errors at the beginning but after modifying several codes and files I managed to integrate them all and I work, the problem is that when I use different powerups at the same level these are "mixed" look:


I don't know much about the lua but I guess it's that the scripts are not compatible and they don't have instructions to override each other.
here are the scripts you use:

Anotherpowerup by Enjl
Cape Feather by MrDoubleA
Cpt. Mono's Powerup Pack
Thunder Flower by AlanLive2020
The Ultimate Super Mario Land 1 + 2 NPC Pack de MegaDood 9thCore KBM-Quine lucstar06 Dynamo Inferno MrDoubleA
I use this "luna.lua" script as the main one for powerups and other scripts

Code: Select all

local littleDialogue = require("littleDialogue")
local anotherPowerDownLibrary = require("anotherPowerDownLibrary")
local ap = require("anotherpowerup")
local ap_smm2 = require("anotherpowerupSMM2")
if(player.character ~= CHARACTER_WARIO) then
	ap.registerItemTier(968, true)
	ap.registerItemTier(969, true)
	ap_smm2.registerItemTier(800, true)
	ap_smm2.registerItemTier(801, true)
	ap.registerItemTier(892, true)
	ap.registerItemTier(893, true)

local aw = require("anotherwalljump")
local warpTransition = require("warpTransition")
twirl = require("Twirl")

SaveData.myBool = SaveData.myBool or false

SaveData.my2Bool = SaveData.my2Bool or false

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Re: How can I make multiple "anotherpowersups.lua" scripts compatible?

Postby King Mario » Mon Nov 20, 2023 1:14 pm

Doesn't look incompatible to me... The powerups look like they work as intended. It's just the graphics that look weird. Maybe a tweaking of the graphics would be possible?

Added in 5 hours 48 minutes 22 seconds:
Wait a freaking minute! I just looked at your script and it said something about"CHARACTER_WARIO". But you were playing as Mario, not Wario. That could be the issue. Maybe change that part of the script to "CHARACTER_MARIO" and see if that works.

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