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Postby aero » Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:12 pm

Welcome to the Super Mario Bros. X Forums! To keep these forums running smoothly, a few rules are put in place.
1. Be Respectful - Insults and other forms of harassment are not tolerated. It is required that all members respect boundaries. Any inappropriate comments, mocking, bullying, discrimination, and/or offensive comments are not welcome in the community. Continually making people uncomfortable is also unacceptable and is not allowed in any capacity. Misuse of the pronouns profile field will also not be tolerated.

2. Do not abuse the forums - Spam, trolling, and misuse of the forums is not acceptable. Forum staff will intervene as necessary based on the severity of the situation. Registering alt accounts for any purpose - especially ban evasion - will not be allowed, and will be punished severely.

Also please avoid posting topics that are just advertising for Discord servers, projects, etc. and put links to those in your signature instead.

3. Keep content safe and family friendly - Do not post sexual, offensive, crude, violent, unknown/shortened URLs, or demeaning content. Any posts and media should be acceptable in a school or work setting, and appropriate for children younger than 18 years old to suitably view. Controversial topics are to be treated seriously, or avoided if that requirement cannot be or is not met. Illegal content will also not be tolerated, and will be punished severely.

4. Moderation - All staff decisions are final and enforced at personal discretion. Members must accept staff action and carry on or report an abusive action if it is not justified by the rules. Backseat moderating/policing other members or the staff will not be tolerated. If an action needs to be taken, a report should be made so that an available staff member may handle the situation.

5. Moderator Actions - Information regarding moderator actions are disclosed at the moderator’s discretion. Please don’t repeatedly ask moderators regarding bans if they’ve already refused to talk about them. Please understand that the moderators may not be willing to talk about actions related to more sensitive issues.

6. English/Common posting habits - Use proper English when posting. Posts should be clear and follow basic grammar rules, have correct spelling, and should not contain excessive punctuation. It is recommended to use a browser with spell check. Also, avoid chain posting multiple times in a row. Use the edit button instead of making a chain post. This applies unless you are posting to update a thread, or bumping a thread with new information.

7. Age - You must be at least 13 years old to have unrestricted access to the community. Members age 12 and younger will be placed in a group with limited access to some forum features. Evading this system will result in a ban.
Please also read the Chat rules, as well as any rule topics located in any forums. For quick access visit the links below: The forum staff maintains the right to enforce the rules at their discretion. Any decision they make is final; if you believe a staff member is not doing their job, contact one of the administrators.

Thank you for reading the rules, the answer to the CAPTCHA is: gdiredigit

If you have been banned on the forums or on Discord, you can use this form to appeal your ban.
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Re: Forum Rules

Postby Marina » Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:37 pm

Please do not do this. It is not fun to go to a thread and see something like this.
User C wrote:
User B wrote:
User A wrote:I thought this level was great! I liked how you introduced the gimmick as it was easy for the player to understand how it worked right away. I also liked how the level increased in difficulty over time but in a fair way.
If you want to quote a user as a way of agreeing with them, make sure you also contribute by adding on to their point and/or saying what you liked about their point.

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Re: Forum Rules

Postby aero » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:25 pm

Warning system
  • 1-2 warnings: No further action.
  • 3 warnings: 1-3 day ban.
  • 4 warnings: 1 week ban.
  • 5 warnings: 1 month ban.
  • 6 warnings: Permanent ban.
Note: Bans are at staff discretion.

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